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Prestige O & G has 3 projects on hand where one has been actively executed and the others planned for execution in late 2011 and 2012.

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NE Caldwell CBM Project.

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About the Company (Prestige O&G)

Prestige O&G is a rapidly growing energy company.  Our main focus is on securing, managing and operating projects for exploration, development and production of unconventional reservoirs, primarily coal bed methane (CBM), by applying an integration of innovative drilling and completion technologies.

Prestige O&G was established in 2009 in the State of Texas as a Limited Liability Company, with its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The Company is acting as an incubator for various energy projects with a plan to increase its capital to secure new energy projects.

Our primary business is in exploration and production of CBM.  Prestige O&G operates within North America, with our current operation being in Louisiana, which we refer to as the NE Caldwell Project.  The NE Caldwell Project is currently in a production stage with gas being sold to the main Interstate Sales Line in the area.  Prestige O&G is also actively engaged in the evaluation of potential conventional and unconventional exploration and production projects in Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas and Washington State.

With its experience and knowhow, Prestige O&G believes it can maximize its recovery and reducing its environmental impact by utilizing an integration of horizontal drilling technologies to minimizing its footprint on the surface and its impact to the environment it operates in.
Prestige O&G is actively researching up-to-date state-of-the-art drilling and completion technologies to be one of the leading companies in the unconventional O&G industry.

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Prestige O&G vision is  to be one of the leading clean energy providers in North America.  Doing so, with an environmentally cautious and technologically innovative approach. 

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Our mission includes but not limited to:

  • Maximize returns to shareholders and investors
  • Expand the portfolio of CBM projects
  • Operate successfully CBM projects
  • Optimize production and utilization of natural resources
  • Support and adopt innovative technologies in CBM drilling and production techniques
  • Promote natural gas as safe and clean source of Energy
  • Increase natural gas proven reserves
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Prestige O&G values are high standards of conduct, ethics and corporate governance.  We provide professional values derived from the name of our company;

  • Profitability
  • Robust
  • Efficiency
  • Success
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Ethics
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Prestige O&G is managed by a board of highly professional directors comprising four members representing the main owners.

The company’s operations are managed by experienced executive team comprising:

  • Fuad Al-Humoud – Chairman
  • Dr. Osman Kaldirim – Vice Chairman
  • Osman Kaldirim, Jr. – Vice President
  • Stephen Spafford – Operations Manager
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